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The Geo Index Platform


Get to know GEOINDEX

The customizable interactive geoinformation platform allows to take competitive intelligence to a new level.

Security and Accessibility

With the GeoIndex platform, all the projects developed by Grupo Index companies are stored in the cloud in a 100% secure environment (Amazon) and are easily accessed from any location and device (smartphones, tablets, etc.).


The GeoIndex platform has been fully developed by Grupo Index team and uses innovative technology to work a large volume of data quickly, safely and with stability.

Big data and historical data

The platform is powered by two databases, one with historical data from the Brazilian agribusiness market and the other is a bank of satellite images prepared and treated by the group’s geoinformation department.

Convenience and Control

A single place for all your demands, with the convenience of a fully customizable dashboard to meet your team's demands.

Intuitive Dashboard

Ready to show data and charts that can be intuitively and quickly altered, so executives and investors can analyze information in any way they want.

Download in different formats

Diversity of file extensions allows new analysis and comparison with third-party data in different formats (pdf, csv, xls, xlsx etc).


Capability of communication with other BI platforms, systems and tools.


Grupo Index technical team is prepared to develop projects that are 100% customizable according to the area of interest of your company.